What Makes a Good Directory to Submit Your Link To?

Directory links are still very important, especially one way directory submissions, but it is still vital that you choose your directories carefully and know what makes a good directory.

No Spam – If a directory is full of spam, bad links and is just generally uncared for, do not add your link to it. Google and other engines can spot a good directory and also a bad directory, and if you have links in poor directories then the link will not really be worth anything for you and will not really offer anything of value.

Relevant Topic – If the directory is relevant to your niche, then the link will be worth a lot more than if the directory was general. For example, if you were selling property, getting your links on a property directory or finance directory will be worth quite a bit more, as these are relevant links to your topic. It does take more time to find these kind of directories, but the time spent finding relevant and related directories is well worth it in the long run.

Indexed Pages – Having a link back from an indexed page is worth far more than a link from a non indexed paged for obvious reasons. Make sure the page you have your directory link on is indexed and if it is not, try to find a category that has been indexed. A link on a non indexed page carries so little weight that it can almost be irrelevant.

Amount Of Categories – Too many categories in a directory is a bad thing, so try to choose directories that have an organised and limited amount of categories or sections. This also means you should get on a much higher level of category, as the further your drill down in terms of pages, the less that link will be worth to your website.

Age – Because directories tend to spring up in their thousands and then disappear just as fast when the owners get bored or do make enough revenue from them, it is important to choose a directory that has some good age to it and has been established for some. A part of any sites ranking is the age of the site, so by making sure your link is in a directory that has been around for some time will make that be worth a lot more for your site.

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